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Starting lineup decided for 63rd annual US Nationals

After five rounds of qualifying this weekend, the field is finally set for the prestigious Chevrolet Performance US Nationals at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis.

Sunday hosted the final two qualifying rounds for the four major racing classes: pro stock motorcycle, pro stock, funny car and top fuel.

Clay Millican clinched the top spot for the top fuel drags with a time of 3.663 seconds, 329.10 mph. Millican topped Leah Pritchett, who had a slower ET time of 3.667 seconds, but a faster top speed at 329.50 mph.

“We’ve got a heck of a group and a car that I think I can win with,” Millican said. “I really, really do think I can win tomorrow. It’s just like momma said; ‘When the time is right, it’ll happen.’ Maybe tomorrow the time will be right.”

The last top fuel pass of the day provided the fireball show that the series is known for. No. 4 seed Tony Schumacher proceeded down the strip in his US Army dragster, and his car malfunctioned and went up in flames. Schumacher was ok.


In funny car qualifying, Matt Hagan ended the day with the fastest over all time. Hagan snagged the low ET speed of 3.799s and the top speed at 338.77 mph. Robert Hight was close behind in second with an ET time of 3.807s and a top speed of 336.23 mph.

In the pro stock class, veteran Greg Anderson, 88 career wins, four championships and five US Nationals victories, is the No. 1 qualifier in the pro stock class with the low ET time (6.561s) and top speed (210.64 mph).

“My car is fantastic,” Anderson said. “It must love this place as much as I do, because it doesn’t seem like it could make a bad run even if it wanted to. We knew this afternoon would be very, very similar to what we’ll see tomorrow.”

Rookie Tanner Gray, 18, is the No. 2 qualifier behind Anderson. Gray is the youngest winner in NHRA history at 17.

In pro stock motorcycles, Brownsburg’s Eddie Krawiec got the No. 1 seed for tomorrow’s event after setting both the low ET time with 6.822s and top speed with 196.70 mph.. He beat out fellow Brownsburg native and teammate Andrew Hines for the spot. Hines clocked in at 6.825s, 196.02 mph.


The funny car Traxxas Nitro Shootout, which gives eight of the best NHRA drivers a chance to win $100,000, also took place today. Jack Beckman and Hight faced off in the final round after Beckman defeated points leader Ron Capps and Hight defeated car owner John Force.

Hight was holding his own until he spun the tires at the end of the strip, giving the check to Beckman.

The eliminations begin tomorrow at 11 a.m. ET on Fox Sports 1, then switch to Fox at 1 p.m. for the final elimination rounds.

See how the field will line up for tomorrow’s event with each driver’s ET time and top speed in parentheses.

Pro Stock Motorcycle

1. Eddie Krawiec (6.822s, 196.70 mph), 2. Andrew Hines (6.825s, 196.02 mph), 3. Hector Arana Jr. (6.840s, 196.16 mph), 4. Matt Smith (6.840s, 196.02 mph), 5. Chip Ellis (6.848s, 194.66 mph), 6. Scott Pollacheck (6.862s, 194.55 mph), 7. Jerry Savoie (6.864s, 194.72 mph), 8. LE Tonglet (6.876s, 195.96 mph), 9. Karen Stoffer (6.897s, 192.82 mph), 10. Angie Smith (6.914s. 193.21 mph), 11. Steve Johnson (6.932s, 192.47 mph), 12. Mike Berry (6.936s, 190.30 mph), 13. Joey Gladstone (6.940s, 191.81 mph), 14. Cory Reed (6.941s, 189.02 mph), 15. Angelle Sampey (6.944s, 192.06 mph), 16. Jim Underdahl (6.984s, 191.67 mph).


Pro Stock

1 Greg Anderson (6.561s, 210.64 mph), 2. Tanner Gray (6.566s, 209.88 mph), 3. Drew Skillman (6.570s, 209.33 mph), 4. Bo Butner (6.572s, 210.34 mph), 5. Alex Laughlin (6.576s, 210.01 mph), 6. Chris McGaha (6.577s, 209.95 mph), 7. Johnny Gray (6.596s, 210.11 mph), 8. Matthew Hartford (6.598s, 209.62 mph), 9. Jason Line (6.599s, 209.43 mph), 10. Allen Johnson (6.601s, 209.43 mph), 11. Erica Enders (6.604s, 209.10 mph), 12. Shane Gray (6.607s, 208.78 mph), 13. Vincent Nobile (6.615s, 209.46 mph), 14. Jeg Coughlin (6.625s, 207.88 mph), 15. Deric Kramer (6.628s, 207.21 mph), 16. Kenny Delco (6.661s, 208.68 mph).


Funny Car

1. Matt Hagan (3.799s, 338.77 mph), 2. Robert Hight (3.807s, 336.23 mph), 3. Courtney Force (3.837s, 334.90 mph), 4. John Force (3.849s, 336.74 mph), 5. Jack Beckman (3.859s, 333.16 mph), 6. JR Todd (3.865s, 332.34 mph), 7. Jonnie Lindberg (3.865s, 329.83 mph), 8. Ron Capps (3.871s, 330.55 mph), 9. Alexis Dejoria (3.881s, 332.92 mph), 10. Tim Wilkerson (3.902s, 330.23 mph), 11. Brian Stewart (3.924s, 296.44 mph), 12. Tommy Johnson Jr. (3.988s, 324.98 mph), 13. Del Worsham (3.999s, 320.81 mph), 14. Cruz Pedregon (4.015s, 281.89 mph), 15. Justin Schriefer (4.033s, 313.95 mph), 16. Jim Campbell (4.060s, 317.94 mph).


Top Fuel

1. Clay Millican (3.663s, 329.10 mph), 2. Leah Pritchett (3.667s, 329.50 mph), 3. Steve Torrence (3.672s, 329.50 mph), 4. Tony Schumacher (3.680s, 330.31 mph), 5. Doug Kalitta (3.682s, 329.58 mph), 6. Antron Brown (3.689s, 329.91 mph), 7. Bob Vandergriff (3.719s, 325.30 mph), 8. Brittany Force (3.734s, 329.50 mph), 9. Shawn Langdon (3.748s, 289.82 mph), 10. Pat Dakin (3.752s, 311.49 mph), 11. Scott Palmer (3.754s, 328.54 mph), 12. Richie Crampton (3.756s, 329.91 mph), 13. Terry McMillen (3.770s, 321.81 mph), 14. Ashley Sanford (3.775s, 322.04 mph), 15. Wayne Newby (3.795s, 321.88 mph), 16. Kebin Kinsley (3.808s, 319.29 mph).

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