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REPORT: IU offers Alford 7-year, $31M contract

INDIANAPOLIS – Dealing in hearsay and rumors seems to be the thing to do lately when it comes to the coaching rumors for Indiana University Men’s Basketball program. And with all the uproar over Purdue and Butler still dancing in the Sweet Sixteen, IU fans are hanging on by a thread for any information that may bring their program back to greatness.

This past weekend was no exception.

Jordan Schultz, a Bleacher College Hoops Analyst, claims to have information.  He claims, confirmed by multiple sources, that Steve Alford was been offered a 7-year, $31 million dollar contract to coach at IU. Indiana would have to buy out Alford’s current UCLA contract, estimated at $7.8 million prior to April 30th.

But… (of course there’s drama…  it is IU after all…)

Indiana Sports Report friend and long-time Indiana writer Jeff Rabjohns of disputes the claim, stating that the report is “not accurate”. Accurate?  The dollar amount or the offer Jeff?  Who knows at this point.

Alford’s UCLA Bruins defeat the Cincinnati Bearcats last evening, thus advancing UCLA to the Sweet Sixteen.  So it may be some time before we see any of this play out.

But stay tuned IU Fans…  we have our hears to the grindstone on this.


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