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Paul George Could See Plan To Fight Fatigue

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — Indiana Pacers superstar Paul George has become increasingly fatigued as the season has progressed. George is looking to return closer to the fresh fatigue levels that he had during the month of November, where he played at an MVP level. Since the middle of December, George appears to be fatigued and that has really caused his overall performance to decline from his early season success.

Paul George discussed his body at this point of the season with the media (via Indianapolis Star):

“I think a lot of it is just being overly confident that I can go out and still do the things I was doing (earlier in the season),” George said. “It’s not the case. It’s hard and it’s weighing on me right now, it’s weighing on my body, it’s weighting on my mental (approach). It just sucks knowing where you were at.”

Paul George told the media that he and head coach Frank Vogel have discussed the best approach to take to ensure that he plays at his best. There are multiple routes that the team could take, but the most likely of solutions appears to be simply reducing his minutes. This began to be a concern during the month of December, but George decided to keep pushing through the lower body soreness. This has led to inconsistent offensive play and that is very problematic for this Pacers team. It’s problematic because this team can only go as far as George can take them.
Frank Vogel discussed Paul George’s usage throughout this season with the media (via Indianapolis Star):
“We’re asking a lot of (George). It’s definitely something that’s limiting him right now and limiting us and we’ve got to keep a close eye on it,” said Vogel. “He’s talking about his legs being heavy having missed an entire year and having his leg rebuilt.”Paul George fully participated in the team’s practice on Monday. Frank Vogel stated that he and the training staff will begin to monitor his fatigue by tracking the minutes that he plays. George and the team both understand that he is a very active player, so his minutes go a long way. In fact, George ranks 8th in the NBA in distance per game at 2.50 miles per game. That is a dangerous road that they are traveling.Paul George talked about the physical difference his body had during November and now (Indianapolis Star):

“In November, I was just adrenaline-junked and just feeling myself,” he said. “It didn’t hit my body yet. Once you get to 30, 40-plus games, you hit that wall. That’s definitely what I went through with my body just being tired, being worn out.”

The goal for Paul George will be to try to continue to build up stamina to try to push this team to a deep playoff run. George believes that playing more games and getting more reps in practice could help him build the necessary stamina to lead the team on a nightly basis, similar to the way that he did it in November.

Paul George talked about building stamina to help lead the team on a nightly basis (via Indianapolis Star):

“I was hoping the reps and the constant games was going to help the endurance and was going to slowly build that back up,” he said. “That might be the reason I’m getting tired. Maybe that’s what I need to push through to see that light.”

From a physical stand point, Paul George wasn’t ever expected to return to the same level that he was before his injury during this season. This off-season will be crucial for George since will not only be able to get back to the physical level that he was prior to his injury, but he will be able to actually work to improve his athleticism. George’s overall skills are vastly improved, his upper body strength has increased considerably, but the next step is to get that athleticism back up and beyond the level that Pacers fans all remember him to have. George is known to be one of the hardest working players in the entire NBA. With that being said, next season could be a very good season for Paul George and the Indiana Pacers.

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