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Notre Dame releases 2013 Shamrock Series football uniforms by Adidas

Photo courtesy of Adidas

For a traditional college football team with a traditional fan base, the annual “Shamrock Series” uniforms may rub some fans the wrong way.  After all, the school has made very few major changes to the week-to-week uniforms in the team’s history, sticking with the solid gold helmet, grey facemask, solid navy blue jerseys with solid gold pants.

If you are unfamiliar with the “Shamrock Series”, it is a neutral site game that Notre Dame plays every year against a different opponent.  Each season, a new, unique uniform is unveiled for the series.  The uniforms often leave old school fans retching, but a lot of the younger fan base can appreciate the garb.  Past opponents and locations in the series include The University of Miami, the University of Maryland and the Army Academy in cities such as Chicago, New York City and San Antonio.  This year’s contest will take place in Arlington, TX at the Cowboys Stadium against Arizona State University on October 5th.

This year’s uniforms may be my favorite ones that they have rolled out so far.  The pictures below show a gold helmet with a green-outlined shamrock and green facemask, white jerseys with gold numbers and shoulder logo with green outlines.  The uniforms also include green under shirts with the “ND” logo on the biceps.  The pants appear to be solid white, with green socks.  The personalized gloves are also green with the “ND” logo forming together on the palms.

Photo courtesy of Adidas









Photo courtesy of Adidas










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