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IU’s Frustrating Season Comes to an End With 75-63 Loss in the NIT 1st Round at Georgia Tech

INDIANAPOLIS – I can’t ever think of a season as weird as the one that we just witnessed for the Indiana Hoosiers. As weird as this sounds, I don’t think there’s anyone that follows this program, coaches, players, fans, etc, that was upset by a 75-63 loss at Georgia Tech last night. The fans didn’t want to watch a program like IU playing in the NIT. Don’t believe me? Why did IU turn down a home game to play on the road last night? Why turn down revenue of parking, admission, concessions, TV money, etc? IU basically said “no thanks, we have enough money we will come to your place instead.”

For the record, that’s not what they said.

IU was afraid no one would show up. They used the “kids were on Spring Break” excuse. No, it’s the entire fan base was on IU Basketball break, as in just go away and we will see you in November. 

The coaches? The players? Well, you can tell by the effort they showed last night that they used Atlanta as a connecting flight for their Spring Break plans. They had no care in the world to win that game at Georgia Tech. None. They didn’t want to win. Even a half effort would have beaten a team like the Yellow Jackets on Tuesday night.

Instead, IU bookends their season by scoring 103 points in a win against the then No. 3 ranked Kansas Jayhawks on a neutral floor, who oh by the way, is a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament, and loses by 12 points in giving up 75 points on the scoreboards to the 265th ranked offense in the nation as a No. 3 seed in the NIT.

Weird season right?

IU beat not one, but two of the four No. 1 seeds in the NCAA Tournament field this year, but lost in the first round of the NIT to a team ranked 265th in the nation on offense. IU scored 179 combined points against Kansas and North Carolina, but could only muster 63 to Georgia Tech?

That’s just how this season went.

This team was the definition of an “underachiever.” This group of players are the definition of “doesn’t know how to win.” Most will blame Tom Crean for this season, but I think majority of the blame goes on the players.

This is just a bad batch for chemistry of players. They have the talent to win a national championship. They have two McDonald’s All-Americans. They have good shooters. They have depth, length and skills. They just never could use it together.

There’s no leadership. There’s a bunch of nice kids, but no one with the heart of a champion on this team. No one with that jump on my back we’re winning this game mentality. It’s a team full of talented kids with soft hearts.

What does that get you?


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