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IUPUI Director of Athletics Michael Moore to step down

INDIANAPOLIS – IUPUI has announced that Michael Moore, athletics director for IUPUI for 19 years, will step down on August 14. Moore has served as the athletics director since 1996.

Moore’s resignation might come as a surprise given the successful nature of his tenure, but it coincides with a change at the top of the university. IUPUI chancellor Charles Bantz announced in November that he would be stepping down on August 15.

During Moore’s tenure IUPUI moved from the NAIA to Division I in the NCAA and joined the Summit League. The Jaguars also doubled the number of teams they field from nine to 18 and earned their first NCAA National Title when diver Chen Ni won in 2010. She won a second title in diving in 2012.

Moore is also responsible for the decision to move the venue for men’s basketball from the gymnasium at IUPUI to the Indiana Farmers Coliseum, which saw a jump in attendance from 615 to 1.527.

Off the court, IUPUI student-athletes saw an increase in academic success. A combined 3.32 GPA in the 2015 spring semester is the highest ever for IUPUI and is also the 13th consecutive semester with a combined GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Moore still has a couple of weeks left at IUPUI, but a national search has begun for his replacement.

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