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Irsay: Colts QB Luck’s injury is “inside his head now”

INDIANAPOLIS – Things keep progressing with the Indianapolis Colts.  Even after a much needed win this past Sunday vs the Houston Texans, news from 56th Street isn’t getting any better.  The Colts have a major mess on their hands with the Quarterback position.

We all know that Andrew Luck is battling a major shoulder injury and is shut down for the year, with his long-term health very much up in the air. Making matters much worse, Colts owner Jim Irsay is apparently questioning Luck in private conversations.

Former Colts coach Tony Dungy appeared on the “Dan Patrick Show” on Monday and, as reported by Bob Kravitz of and later confirmed by Patrick on Tuesday, said Irsay claims Luck’s injury is “in his head.”

“I don’t know what’s going on there. Jim Irsay made a comment to me about six weeks ago, ‘It’s inside his head now,'” Dungy said.

Yes Colts Fans, you read that correctly.  Irsay thinks all this injury stuff in in the mind of Andrew Luck.

Just a side note: This comment was made during a hot-mic moment: during one of the commercial cut-ins of the show, it is very possible that Dungy did not know his mic was on. It was later confirmed that Dungy heard the comments from Irsay during a “group conversation in September.”

“Wait, it’s inside Luck’s head?” Patrick asked.

“Yeah, [Irsay] said that when I was out [in Indianapolis] for Peyton’s ceremony,” Dungy replied.

“Wow. I really wonder if Luck’s future is in Indianapolis. I really do,” Patrick said.

“They obviously believed [Luck would be back Week 1] because they did nothing to prepare for him not being there,” Dungy said after a lengthy pause.

Later, Dungy was asked about Luck’s future in Indy and believes he’ll play there.

“I think it is, but I’m concerned about [his] physical health. Where is he? Because he’s going to throw, he’s not going to throw, he’s not going to throw 100 percent. We thought he was going to be ready, he’s not going to be ready. Where is he physically?” Dungy said.

“The reason why I say it’s going to be in Indianapolis — think back five years and Peyton Manning and supposedly he’s done and he’s got this neck surgery and he’ll never throw again and he goes and wins another Super Bowl for another team. I don’t see Jim Irsay wanting to have that happen. Hey, where’s Andrew Luck, he’s not playing — and he wins for somebody else. I think he’ll be in Indianapolis.”

Luck battled through a significant shoulder injury for two years before the Colts actually shut him down and proceeded with surgery. He put his career at risk because the Colts felt the need to “win now” back in 2015 and 2016. The result is a lost 2017 and questionable 2018.

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