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Indy Eleven Finish in Draw for 3rd Week In a Row

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind: Saturday’s game for the Indy Eleven was another good hard fought battle against Puerto Rico FC for the second week in a row, but unfortunately ended in a draw again.

The Indy Elevem were on the road this week all the way down in Puerto Rico to face off against the FC in their house, Juan Ramon Loubriel Stadium. It was a great game on both ends of the field, but no one had the upper edge, leading to a final score of 1-1 ending as a draw again, for the back-to-back games against PRFC.

The first 20 minutes of the match were very back and forth. No one quite had a chance for a goal, except for at the 15 minute mark, when Puerto Rico midfielder Jairo Puerto attempted to score the first goal of the game, but the shot was far outside and was clear of the Eleven’s goal.

5 minutes later though, PRFC would make good on their second attempt. Midfielder Walter Ramirez set up a great pass to fellow teammate and forward Hector Ramos was able to take a shot on the goal that was out of reach for Eleven’s goalkeeper Keith Cardona.

Right before the end of the the first half, Indy would finally tie it up between them and Puerto Rico. Forwards Eamon Zayed and Justin Braun clicked up and connected to even the score. Last weeks North American Soccer League Player of the Week, Braun, added to his star performance over the last week by assisting Zayed on scoring the goal, giving him a great pass to get the ball past PRFC goalkeeper, Trevor Spangenburg.

The second half and last 45 minutes of the match were very back and forth with attempts to take the lead on both ends of the field, but no one would be able to capitalize and make it happen, so the match inevitably ended in a draw. The Indy Eleven earned another point in the standings on the season, but is determined to come out with a win for the first time, this weekend, here at home in Michael A. Carroll Stadium.

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