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Fuller and Purdue Run Past Ohio 44-21 Under The Lights

West Lafayette – “It’s the most fun I’ve had playing football in two years,” said QB David Blough after Purdue Footballs 44-21 win against Ohio. It’s easy to see why he would say that. A night game, home opener, and going 11 for 13 235 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions helps. Blough was simply surgical against the Bobcat defense.

Purdue opened the game with a field goal, as the offense had another case of the drops to start the game, something that hurt the Boilers in week one. After trading punts with the Bobcats, Purdue would find the end zone. Tario Fuller would continue to do work for the Boilermakers on the drive opening up the passing game. Elijah Sindelar would Brycen Hopkins for a 17 yard touchdown and giving the Boilers a 10 point lead.

Tario Fuller Was a Monster for Purdue Friday Night
Photo: Purdue Football Twitter

With 4:21 left in the first quarter Purdue would get loose on defense and it would hurt them as Ohio’s A.J. Ouellette would rush for a four yard touchdown run, cutting the lead to three for the Boilers.

After punts by both teams, Purdue would let Fuller eat again as he would have 40 yards on the drive ending with a Fuller touchdown giving the Boilers a 17-7 lead. After the Boilermaker defense forced yet another punt, the Boilers had what might be the trick play of the weekend, and it’s only Friday. The Boilers snapped the ball, handed it to D.J. Knox, who pitched it to Jackson Anthrop, who flipped it back to Blough would hit Cole Herdman for a 62 yard touchdown. Words don’t do it justice, here’s a video:

This is where it seemed as though Purdue was just having fun. Even after the game Coach Brohm said he thought it was the right time. Ohio would take over the ball with 5:19 left to go in the first half. Purdue would force a turnover on the drive and it ended in another Spencer Evans field goal, giving the Boilers a 27-7 lead.  On the very next drive Purdue would force yet another fumble, and Blough would find Anthony Mahoungou for a touchdown. For the first time in recent memory it seems as thought Purdue finally had that killer instinct.

Purdue would get exposed in the passing game to start the second half. Markus Bailey would get exposed particularly on the drive. After the game Bailey said the team is primarily built to stop the run, which they did. However it does give up the chance for passing defense issues. Purdue would give up the touchdown, but would answer.

Herdman and Mahoungou would have crucial catches on the drive, and Jackson Anthrop would continue to prove the doubters wrong with yet another touchdown. From there the game was all but over, Ohio would add another touchdown and Evans would add another field goal.

Purdue was a load running the ball as the team had 263 yards as a team. Fuller led the team with 142 yards on 16 touches (8.9 yards per carry) and a touchdown. As a team Purdue had a 6.0 yard per carry average. Sindelar and Blough were 15 of 23 295 yards, four touchdowns, and a very important no interceptions. Blough after the game brought up that it was his first turnover free game since the Maryland game last year. Blough showed that he’s learning. With a minute left in the first half, he had an incredible amount of pressure in his face. Instead of forcing a play, Blough threw it away. Blough even said that last year he probably tries to force a throw. It seems, at least as of now, that Purdue can work the two quarterback system.

Defensively Purdue help Ohio to only 160 yards against a team who ran for nearly 250 yards last week. Purdue gave up 224 yards through the air, but only gave up one touchdown. Coach Brohm said after the game, Purdue has to do better stopping the pass. It’s something that would be a problem against tougher competition.

It was a wonderful night for the Boilermakers. Many questioned if the performance against Louisville was a fluke. The Boilers showed tonight that it wasn’t. It showed the whole country on yet another national stage that the culture around this program is changing, the performance is change, and that the expectations are changing. This team is ready to do big things, faster than anyone could have ever thought.


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