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Could Colts’ T.Y Hilton and Vontae Davis be on the move as NFL Trade Deadline Looms

INDIANAPOLIS – With Tuesday’s NFL Trade Deadline looming and a dismal 2-6 record, will the Indianapolis Colts move T.Y. Hilton?

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is also reporting that the Colts have been receiving trade interest regarding veteran cornerback Vontae Davis. In fact, Schefter reported that the Colts have spoken to “at least two teams” regarding Davis.

According to a PFT’s Mike Florio report, the Colts are willing to move T.Y. before Tuesday’s trade deadline. Hilton’s contract is extended through 2020 with his salary increasing with each year. Hilton is making $8 million this year, $11 million in 2018, $13 million in 2019, and $14 million in 2020.

Hilton is in the mists of having the worst season of his career statically. Hilton has only 27 receptions on 48 targets for 512 yards and 1 touchdown and only five catches in the last three games.

Colts GM Chris Ballard does not have a problem it seems, with any player being released or traded. Sunday also has rumors swirling that Vontae Davis is being considered for the trade block before the deadline as well.

With Davis’s contract expiring at the end of this season, the Colts certainly have reason to consider him an option. Ballard has been working to build a revamped, young secondary via the NFL draft and trading Davis may provide more options for that trend to continue.

Like Hilton, 2018 has not been the best year for Davis. In the four games that he has played this season, he has 4 tackles with 3 assists and one deflection.

Tuesday is going to be an interesting day for Colts fans.  One should hold their breath but not be surprised as well if players are moved.

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