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Colts’ Three Wins Predicated By Other Teams’ Missed Field Goals

NASHVILLE – The Indianapolis Colts are (3-4) now as they escaped a close game in a 34-26 victory over AFC South division foe the Tennessee Titans (3-4). But, despite three wins, all of them have come at the expense of the other teams’ missed field goals.

At home against the San Diego Chargers in Week 3, the Colts won by four points. But, if not for a blocked extra point, the Chargers could have come down the field on their final possession and kicked a game tying field goal as they would have been down by just three points on that drive.

Instead, with being down four instead of three, they needed a touchdown to win, which set the tone for an entirely different final possession.

In the second win two weeks ago against the Chicago Bears, another missed field goal proved to be costly for the other team. The Bears missed a field goal in the third quarter as if they made it, all Chicago would have needed on their final drive was a field goal to tie the game and send it to overtime. Instead, Chicago had to score a touchdown which like San Diego, they failed to do.

Chicago was down six on their final drive instead of three.

Today, it happened again.

Tennessee botched their first extra point attempt on their opening possession meaning they had to score a touchdown on their second to final drive with under two minutes to go. Again, they were down four instead of three meaning a different drive.

The Colts capitalized like they did in the other three games.

It goes to show you how close these NFL games really are. For the Colts, they have a reliable kicker in Adam Vinatieri who has now set an NFL record for 43 straight field goals made. That’s showing the be the difference in the three wins so far thi syear.

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