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Colts Open to Trading Down to Acquire More Draft Picks

INDIANAPOLIS – Everyone is wondering who the Indianapolis Colts will pick with their 15th pick in next month’s NFL Draft. Will they go with a running back like Dalvin Cook from Florida State? Or, will they go with a pass rusher or cornerback? Nevertheless, the Colts can’t really go wrong with whatever direction they go on April 27.

But, what about no pick at all?

That option is on the table too. 

Both owner Jim Irsay and new general manager Chris Ballard have made it clear that they’re willing to trade any pick to move down in the draft order, that includes their first round pick too.

“We wouldn’t hesitate to trade down and get a few more picks if we can,” Owner Jim Irsay stated at this past week’s Annual League Meetings via “That would be something that we think could really benefit us.”

As we sit today, the Colts have seven picks in the first five rounds of the draft. According to Ballard though, he’d like more selections.
“Not enough,” Ballard says of the seven picks in the first five rounds. “We need more.”

Ballard, echoed his boss’ statement saying he’s not afraid to trade back.

“We won’t be (afraid to trade back). We will not be timid about moving around in the draft. Will it happen? I don’t know. There’s some years we said that in Kansas City and we didn’t make one trade. And then last year we beat bopped around a few times in the draft.

“You’ve got to have a partner that’s willing to trade with and you have to be willing to work out the compensation. We are definitely open to trading back in this draft and we have to make sure when we do it, we still have the right players on the board targeted.”

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