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Colts Okay With Another Mediocre Season in 2017

INDIANAPOLIS – Forgive Indianapolis Colts fans for wanting to be Super Bowl contenders every year. Since 1999, Peyton Manning’s second NFL season, the Colts have had just two seasons where they finished below .500. From that ’99 season through the 2014 campaign, the Colts won 10+ games in 14 of those 16 years and even won 12+ games every year from 2003-2009.

But, the thing that makes Colts fans want more, is that they have just one Super Bowl victory and only two Super Bowl appearances during that time frame. They had great teams, but could never get over the hump more than just once. It always left a sour taste in Colts fans hearts.

So, when they said Andrew Luck was the second coming of Peyton Manning, and that they’d not have to take a step back from 2011 to 2012, everyone assumed a run with multiple Super Bowl victories were on the horizon again. Heck, even Colts owner Jim Irsay said despite all the success from the previous regime, he was disappointed to have just one Super Bowl victory. He vowed that they’d win multiple “Lombardi’s” in this new era. 

So, when the Colts take steps backwards like they have the last two years, missing the playoffs in each, fans are growing irritated. Irsay hears you, and that’s why he’s saying the things he did on Monday during the NFL owners meetings.

“I’d rather have a chance to win two Lombardi’s and have a losing season or two than just be 8-8 or 9-7 and win no Lombardi’s,” Irsay said. “It’s about greatness, about championships.”

The comments he made makes it seems that the Colts aren’t going to be contenders in 2017. They’re overhauling an aging defense and putting more pieces together on offense, but this roster, heck this coaching staff, it’s still not good enough to contend at a top level. 2017 is a transition year and will likely see the Colts be 8-8 or 9-7 again.

Irsay is okay with that. He’s saying he’d rather have that in trade for multiple Super Bowls down the line rather than try a quick turnaround only to fail again in the end.

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