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Colts Continue to Make Moves to Get Younger

INDIANAPOLIS – General Manager Chris Ballard has a main goal he’d like to accomplish in Indianapolis outside of winning a Super Bowl, that’s to make this defense younger and better. The Colts’ defense has been horrendous since this new regime took over in 2012. Its been their Achilles Heel. Last year, it was historically bad, among the worst ever since the team moved to Indianapolis in 1984.

Now, Ballard is already making moves to get younger.

Retired is 36-year old linebacker Robert Mathis. 33-year old linebacker D’Qwell Jackson was let go. 35-year old safety Mike Adams was told he wouldn’t be returning. 31-year old linebacker Erik Walden is a free agent and nothing has been said whether he would be retained.

Moral of the story here?

30+ year old defenders are being left behind.

Ballard, is trying to rebuild this defense with younger talent. He knows that he’s not going to be able to do this in one season though, so he’s building draft picks to make it happen. He brought back tight end Jack Doyle yesterday on a new three-year deal but traded tight end Dwayne Allen on Wednesday for a fourth round draft pick.

Translation, get better, younger and cheaper and get a pick in the process.

Doyle, is younger, but also proved last year he’s durable and can catch the ball. Allen, has been injury prone and shown he can’t handle most passes thrown his way. Allen, is also due way more money than what Doyle signed for. So, addition by subtraction. Those two moves directly related to the defense even though both are offensive players.

He’s saving money and getting draft picks to go over defensive players in the next few years. He’s building cap room and accumulating draft picks to use on the defensive side of the ball. That means cutting dead weight on offense and replacing them with younger cheaper players and getting draft picks in the process.

So far, Ballard is proving he could very well be the man to turn this ship around.

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