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Try the Indiana Sports Report.

The Indiana Sports Report feeds the conversations with entertaining and opinionated content surrounding the top sports news in Indiana. Extensive real-time entertaining local and national coverage:  Lots of articles published daily, with upcoming interactive events and PODcasts. Quality content delivered anywhere and everywhere. 


Innovative Advertising

  • High-impact capabilitieslike your ad appearing on each page or following reports from your favorite time, plus custom programs like Event Packages, Sponsored Editorial and Contests

Large and engaged audiences

  • Capitalize on the growth and target users by league, sport, or team

Sports fans year round

  • Reach passionate sports fans daily throughout the year.  Our fans follow their news in- and out-of-season



Banner Top of Page

$150.00 per month per banner

$75.00 per month per banner

$300.00 per month per banner

All ads are static, also appearing on social media posts of the articles when shared via Facebook.  

Video Ad

$75.00 per week per video


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