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Head Coach Jeff Brohm’s First Media Day Appreance Successful, Emphasizes Competitiveness

Chicago, IL – Big Ten Media Days, an array of cameras, reporters, lights, and questions; some serious and some funny. It can sometimes be a Ground Hog Day type process of answering the same questions over and over. However for the Purdue Football team and their fans its an exciting time to start a new era; the Jeff Brohm Era.

In his opening statement, Coach Brohm mentioned that the team wants to be successful and be coached up. He acknowledged the fact that he begins his first year with a tough schedule, but he appreciates the schedule and looks forward to getting started.

The key reason Coach Brohm was brought to Purdue was because his exciting brand of football. When asked about the lack of depth at wide receiver, but the talented stable of running backs he said, “We want to play an exciting brand of football, we want to have fun with it, and score points. With the team we have right now we are going to have to adjust to the team we have.” He mentioned that the running backs and tight ends are the top two positions, mentioning three to five running backs could be productive. He also added that adding JUCO and fifth year trasnfers will be vital to the success of the team, including saying that he believes they will be helpful getting the wide receivers to be better. Coach Brohm did mention the grad trasnfer from Notre Dame Corey Holmes has not yet arrived to campus, so camp will be important for him.

On the recruiting front Coach Brohm stated that how well it has gone as even exceeded his expectations, including needing to slow down the process due to have 18 commitments already. He’s said that there are more to sell for Purdue than the new practice facility, including academics, playing time, and conference. However the key is showing a better product on the field.

Coach Brohm was asked about putting his stamp already on the program after being here only seven months. He said he tries to be a players coach, and do what works and not what others have done. He wants to the team to be competitive not only against other teams but among themselves. He also wants to create an environment that’s inviting, where not only the team gets together to practice, but also are will to come in to put in the extra work on their own time.  Coach Brohm says their work ethic has been great to this point, and they want to prove some people wrong.

In terms of the offense line, Coach Brohm says it has to be better. It will be important for the grad transfers to play well to create competition, however depth is lacking. The key will be for the coaching staff to do some things in the way of schemes to protect the offensive lines.

On the defensive side of the football, Coach Brohm thinks they are ahead of the offense. He mentioned the skill of the group of linebackers, and the defensive line has a good core of players. The issue is depth for Purdue. Coach Brohm mentioned the team lost a lot in the second half because of many things, but the lack of depth being one of them. Coach Brohm wants to take away the run, as he did at Western Kentucky, being second in the nation against the run.

The Boilermakers will head to camp next month and begin the season against #12 Louisville at Lucas Oil Stadium on September 2.


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