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3 Of the 5 Offseason Additions for the Colts So Far Involve the New England Patriots

INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis Colts fans dislike no other NFL team like the New England Patriots. Some would rather see the Patriots lose rather than the Colts win. That’s how much hatred this fanbase feels for the Patriots.

But, new general manager Chris Ballard doesn’t necessarily care about that. He’s making moves that involve New England in some way or fashion. It all started with a trade to those said Patriots in which the Colts sent Dwayne Allen and a sixth round draft pick in this year’s draft to New England for their fourth round pick.

Then, they brought in linebacker Barkevious Mingo, who was on the Patriots the last year. Prior to that he came from the Cleveland Browns.

Today, they signed another former Patriot in Jabaal Sheard. He played defensive end the last two years in New England and prior to playing for the Patriots he was a member of the Browns.

Sound familiar?

Ballard has a liking, and it’s former Patriots who used to play for Cleveland. Three of his five deals he’s made were deals with New England or former New England players.

Also, three of his five moves involved a pass rush in which something the Colts struggled with last year.

Ballard is working a system, and it’s clear his criteria now. It’s clear he’s cutting dead weight and an aging defense and replacing them with pass rushers.

These are so far, all great moves.

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