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David West, back home in Indiana

david westTop Priority: Re-sign David West.


Just before 1:00 PM today, news broke that the Pacers were finalizing their deal with David West. We all knew this was coming and I had a feeling it was coming sometime today.

According to numerous reports, the Pacers have David West signed for three year, 36 million dollar deal.

It’s great to see the Pacers take care of business early in Free Agency. Not only do the Pacers get a guy who will do whatever it takes to win, they get back their veteran leader, on and off the court. David West is no doubt the backbone of this team and the most influential voice in the Pacers locker room.

Let me flashback to two years ago in December of 2011. David West was on the market due to the NBA lockout and the late season start. David West made it clear that he wanted to play for a team with championship potential and wasn’t interested in going to a team that was rebuilding. It seemed like a sure thing, West to the Boston Celtics. But on Sunday, December 11th, the two time All-Star agreed to sign a two year, $20 million contract with the contract.

The Celtics had that “championship potential” that West was looking for. The Boston Celtics lost to the Heat in the Eastern Conference Semifinals in the 2010-2011 season while the Pacers just finished their season following a lost in the first round to the Chicago Bulls. The Boston Celtics were one game away from going to the NBA Finals in the 2011-2012 season. Could David West have put them over the top? No doubt in my mind. So why in the world did David take less money and come to Indiana?

“Indy was a team that I was really giving a good, hard look at,” West said in a phone interview. “They’ve got a good balance in terms of a couple good veterans and some really good young players. There are some budding guys and I think that’s a team that I can help in the next couple years.”

David West is a fan favorite and has been embraced by everyone in the city. West prides himself in giving back to others and is always looking to give back to the community. Last November, David and his wife Lesley hosted more than 700 guests from local shelters and missions for the annual Thanksgiving Dinner at the Fieldhouse. 700 guests were the most ever in the history of the event.

David will be in Indy for 3 more exciting years. West will continue the mission he brought to Indiana when he first came to the Pacers in 2011, to go out and win a championship. I think I speak for all Pacers fans when I say that we can’t do it without him. Who would you want instead? It’s a great feeling to know that David West truly wanted to come back to Indiana. The band is back together!

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